Multi Suspension Type High Speed Press


Multi Suspension Support

Slide Octahedral Guideway

FAIR OAKS high-pressure FMT series is a multi-point support high-precision punching machine developed to provide ultra-high-precision molds requiring a large bolster area and producing high value-added motors. The FMT series adopts multi-point support and Octahedron level needle roller bearing set. Under high-speed load, the slide maintains high precision and high rigidity, and has the characteristics of a wide bolster. Therefore, it is used in the production of EV or HEV motors and energy saving home appliances can provide long-term stable and high-quality performance.


Multi Suspension Type High Speed Press

Model FMT-350 FMT-450
Slide Support point 3 4
Nominal pres capacity (KN) 3500 4500
Stroke (mm) 30 35
Capacity occur point (mm) 2.0 2.0
Stroke per minute (S.P.M) 100~400 100~300
Die height upper limit specified range (mm) 525~645 525~645
Slide height adjustment (mm) 75 75
Slide area (mm) 2700*800(Min)
Bolster area (mm) 2700*1000 3700*1200
Bolster thickness 260 260
Bolster hole (mm) 2500*350 (Max:500) 3200*500(Max)
Base bed hole (mm) 2500*420 3200*520
Max Upper DIE weight (kg) 2300 4000
Main Motor (kw) 75 75
Air supplier (mpa) 0.5 0.5
Quick lift Slide device (mm) 75 75
Weight of machine (ton) 78 100
Accuracy JIS Special

*This company is continuously researching and improving; therefore, the dimensions and machine characteristics shown may be subject to change without prior notice.

*The stroke number indicated here is for operation without a mold and under unloaded conditions.

*The specified range for the maximum closed height, worktable thickness, and blanking hole can all be adjusted according to the actual requirements of the customer.

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