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Precision Presses Featuring High Speed, Precision, Safety, and Durability

Precision Presses Featuring High Speed, Precision, Safety, and Durability

FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. manufactures high speed power presses ranging from 30 tons to 360 tons. We have firmly established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of press machines in Taiwan over the years. With a reputation for unyielding quality and professionalism, we provide our customers with advanced power presses of great value. Our power presses are equipped with rich features, are high performance, have sturdy construction, are simple to operate, easy to maintain, and backed up by our responsive service.

The Fair Oaks engineering team continues to produce innovations and breakthroughs for more efficient and safer punching. We pay special attention to manufacturability and maintainability. Our manufacturing team receives expert training and adheres to the most rigorous quality assurance program. Our service team is very effective in helping customers solve problems on time.

All in all, Fair Oaks does our best to create value for you, our customer.

FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. gives you a competitive edge by providing you with power presses featuring high speed, precision, and durability.

Our power presses are ruggedly constructed all the way through. The massive cast iron frames are stress relieved for deformation free, long term accuracy and stability. The frame structure is designed using Finite Element Analysis to achieve optimal structural strength and rigidity; it is highly resistant to vibration and comes with comprehensive safety guards. The microcomputer controller is very easy to learn and operate, reducing operator training to a minimum. The self diagnostic function and interlocking control make operation safe and maintenance easy.

With Fair Oaks high speed power presses and the backing of our team, you can upgrade your production speed at a surprisingly low cost and further increase you profits.