FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. manufactures high speed power presses ranging from 30 tons to 360 tons. We have firmly established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of press machines, feeder machine, Uncoiler machine, Leveler "s" Loop Control, Stamping Dies in Taiwan over the years.

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COMPUTER CONTROLLER User-Friendly...Powerful Function...
Easy-to-Use and Powerful Computer Controller

Our computer controller is designed specifically with the punching process in mind. Its ease of use and power are derived from a rich set of special functions, simple interface, mode setting in checklist form, error code display, and ample memory capacity. Specifically, the features include.

Fair Oaks' own PLC-SI Controller with exclusive software.
Selections for stop angle in inching mode.
Digital setting for stroke speeds.
Lot "A", "B" control for auto-stacking of rotor & stator laminations.
Special Lot "C" Control for punching rotor holes of different sizes.
Sufficient memory to allow up to 30 sets of diesetting data.
Convenient mode setting operation.
Self-diagnostic function, error code display, and indicator lights.
Extensive interlocking check for unreasonable settings to prevent safety problems and operation wastes.
Extensible computer functions by custom order.
Compliance with various electronic European standards.
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