FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. manufactures high speed power presses ranging from 30 tons to 360 tons. We have firmly established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of press machines, feeder machine, Uncoiler machine, Leveler "s" Loop Control, Stamping Dies in Taiwan over the years.

High Speed Precision Press Machine Supplier in Taiwan

The Fair Oaks engineering team continues to produce innovations and breakthroughs for more efficient and safer punching. We pay special attention to manufacturability and maintainability. Innovative design, durability, high performance and low maintenance requirement are the features of our Press Machine and Punching Machine.


High Speed Precision Press Machine (Crank Type)

220 tons press capacity
1700x950 mm bolster area
45kw motordrive


High Speed Precision Press Machine (Knuckle Type)

Outstanding features of Knuckle type structure:
The specially designed Knuckle type structure permits extremely uniform punching load on the head. This greatly reduces punching torque applied on the head, resulting in a minimum structural deformation.

The Knuckle type structure features superior motion curve, which effectively reduces the mold impact and speed against the material. Impact speed reduces up to 40%.


High Speed Precision Press (Multi Suspension Type)

350 ton capacity
Multi-Point Support (3 column)
2700x1000 mm bolster area
75kw motor drive
Press Machine is a device (see machine press) using a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. It uses the hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever. If you have questions, comments, feedback, or ideas please let us know.