FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. manufactures high speed power presses ranging from 30 tons to 360 tons. We have firmly established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of press machines, feeder machine, Uncoiler machine, Leveler "s" Loop Control, Stamping Dies in Taiwan over the years.

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As a leading press machine manufacturer of punching press machine, we not only provide professional punching press machine, but also offer quality high speed precision press machine. We also make sure that defect fewer products reach to our clientele at cost-effective method. We also follow ethical and see-through business policy with our clients in order to ensure the horizontal running of business relation. If you are looking for press machine manufacturer, please call our sales department and speak with any one of our professional representatives for further information.
High Speed Precision Press Machine (Knuckle Type)


High Speed Precision Press Machine (Knuckle Type)

Outstanding features of Knuckle type structure:
The specially designed Knuckle type structure permits extremely uniform punching load on the head. This greatly reduces punching torque applied on the head, resulting in a minimum structural deformation.

The Knuckle type structure features superior motion curve, which effectively reduces the mold impact and speed against the material. Impact speed reduces up to 40%.
Features :

‧Manufactured from high tensile cast iron, stress relieved for maximum rigidity and long term accuracy.
‧The frame structure is designed by means of "Computerized finite element analysis". It provides optimum design for frame strength and strain.
‧The frame is tightened by tie-roads, incorporating with hydraulic preload on structure for giving added rigidity.

‧Outstanding dynamic balancing design reduces vibration and noise to a minimum.

‧Employs a forced lubrication with cooling system to minimize thermal strain of machine frame, upgrade stamping quality and extend service life of the machine. The lubrication system is provided with a pressure detection device.

Fair Qaks lever type high speed precision press is equipped with on advanced conversational control. The specially designed software features extremely powerful control functions. Outstanding conversational control is user-friendly and assures maximum operation convenience.
‧Memory capacity is of up to 10 sets of machining datas.
‧Conversational operation control.
‧Self-diagnostic function combined with error message display makes maintenance with ease.
‧Conversational trouble shooting greatly shortens maintenance time and the machine downtime.
‧Most functions are controlled through the screen eliminating numerous keys control.

Specification :

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