FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. manufactures high speed power presses ranging from 30 tons to 360 tons. We have firmly established ourselves as a leading manufacturer of press machines, feeder machine, Uncoiler machine, Leveler "s" Loop Control, Stamping Dies in Taiwan over the years.

High Speed Press Machine,gear change type feeder

As an independent high speed press machinee supplier, FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. design the best of precision press machine regardless. Our quality controllers perform a variety of quality processes in the entire production process in order to ascertain that only high-quality products are delivered at clients’ end. We wish to create win-win relationships throughout the supply chain. It is our pleasure to service your high speed press machine needs. If you require more information on a particular product, please don't hesitate to contact with us.
High Speed Precision Press (Multi Suspension Type)


High Speed Precision Press (Multi Suspension Type)

350 ton capacity
Multi-Point Support (3 column)
2700x1000 mm bolster area
75kw motor drive
Features :

FAIR OAKS high-pressure FHT series is a multi-point support high-precision punching machine developed to provide ultra-high-precision molds requiring a large bolster area and producing high value-added motors. The FHT series adopts multi-point support and Octahedron level needle roller bearing set. Under high-speed load, the slide maintains high precision and high rigidity, and has the characteristics of a wide bolster. Therefore, it is used in the production of EV or HEV motors and energy saving home appliances can provide long-term stable and high-quality performance.

Specification :

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FAIR OAKS PRECISION MACHINERY CO., LTD. is an acknowledged leader in the manufacture of high speed press machine, with distribution across the globe. Our company is a well-developed manufacturer of precision press machine. We provide a variety of high speed press machine, all with superior quality. We have been specializing in manufacturing high speed precision press machine for many years. We have confidence in our quality. If you want to know more relative information about our product, please contact us immediately.